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D R E X L E R' S

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Food Cultured Through Travel

Mother Nature is fickle. We strive to bring you local products sourced from our local seas and small farms. Each cut of meat, each batch of fresh berries, each fresh catch is a product of our environment. Inconsistencies in size, shape, and color of our menu items is a direct result of our search for the freshest and most locally obtained products. We prepare what Mother Nature gives us. Menu is subject to change.

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Bennett's Creek Farm Market

Bennett’s Creek Farm Market offers fresh cut meats, local produce, fresh seafood, made-to-order deli sandwiches, prepackaged cold case items, a hot case serving three meals a day with lunch and dinner specials, local Virginia products, fine wines and beer, grocery staples, ice cream and bakery items, and local honey.


Seven Hills

Seven Hills Food is a multifaceted team of passionate individuals committed to fostering a sustainable regional food economy here in Virginia.

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Point 6
Butter Bar

Locally made out of Norfolk, Va, Point 6 Butter Bar offers hand churned butters, fruit and vegetable butters, whipped and log butters.  Also available are various cakes. Drexler's is excited to partner with this local butter company.

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JADAM+KNF practices ensure that your produce is beyond organic + grown in a sustainable way utilizing regenerative practices.. Eat healthy be healthy!

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Sean Tuttle is an artist from Hampton, Virginia that specializes in fabricating handmade metal sculptures for the last fifteen years. His expertise evolved from skills developed as a sheet metal fabricator, and every sculpture he builds showcases his ingenuity and signature craftsmanship. A devoted father, photographer, free diver, spear fisherman, angler, and bodyboarder, Sean draws inspiration from his passions to create beautiful works of art to share with the world.

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